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Updated 06/04/2018

No Alibi Rally 2018

For 2018, No Alibi Rally is venturing where it has not ventured previously. Starting just north of Olympia at the Hawk’s Prairie Restaurant and Sports Bar (Marvin Road exit 111 off I-5), traveling via back roads to the Pacific Ocean, then to the banquet and overnight at the Red Lion in Kelso, and eventually finishing Sunday, back at the Hawk’s Prairie Restaurant and Sports Bar where it all began. You’ll see twisty roads, challenging hill climbs, beautiful scenery, exposures with views, and a whole lot more ‘green’ than on previous No Alibi Rallies. This year’s event will be a “No Wheat Zone”.

Date: June 2-3, 2018

Rallymaster: Jim Breazeale

Classes: Unlimited, Equipped, Seat-Of-Pants, Novice, Vintage (25 years old), Historic (1972 and earlier). See Supplemental General Instructions.

General Instructions: No Alibi will use the Rainier Auto Sports Club Touring General Instructions (PDF format) available in Rally Reference along with Supplemental General Instructions specific to this event. Please be familiar with the definitions of your selected class. Supplemental Instructions may change at any time until provisional start order is posted on May 31.

Start: Lacey, WA. Hawk’s Prairie Restaurant and Sports Bar, 8306 Quinault Drive N.E., Olympia, WA, 98516 (360) 459-0900

Overnight: Kelso, WA. The overnight hotel is the Red Lion in Kelso. We have secured a block of rooms at the special rate of $90 - $93 per room. Reserve rooms under the name “No Alibi Rally” to get the special rate. Code NOAL0602. A buffet banquet will be held on Saturday night at the host hotel. Hotel Restaurant opens at 6am for breakfast.

Finish Location: Lacey, WA. Hawk’s Prairie Restaurant and Sports Bar, 8306 Quinault Drive N.E., Olympia, WA, 98516

Overall Results

Car Name Class Saturday Sunday Total* Rank
By Class
* = Some score totals announced at the finish were incorrect, however this had no impact on trophy awards.
4Paul Eklund & Yulia SmolyanskyUnlimited15112611
7Larry LeFebvre & Brandon HarerUnlimited18102822
8Steve Roberts & Don GibsonUnlimited2283033
11Tom Kreger & Cynthia BushellUnlimited16173344
1Marinus Damm & Renee DammUnlimited17193655
12Bob Chandler & Mark ClemmensEquipped29305961
6Teresa Davenport & Gail WittenburgUnlimited45257076
14Bill Walsh & Ed MillmanUnlimited30417187
2John Alkema & Peter SchneiderUnlimited5 2237598
10Keith Colisch & Bill ColischEquipped265076102
3Russ Kraushaar & Katy KraushaarUnlimited18146164119
9Simon Levear & Bill FerberUnlimited113541671210
20Michael Bond & Kevin MurrayUnlimited1631553181311
17Greg Ficker & Everett DeVliegEquipped186140326143
19Ben Thompson & Curt ThompsonSOP206134340151
5Derek Mitchell & Pat BiggarUnlimited144834971612
18Adam Clees & Robin TurnerEquipped369265634174
15Korina Stark & Stella StarkNovice440429869181
21Morgan Hay & Robin FrenchHistoric26614731739191
23Paul Westwick & Tony LathamHistoric8717991886202
22Ramey "Coach" Stroud & Luis MoralesUnlimited688166223502113

Detailed Results

Thanks to our Volunteers:

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